A crucial choice

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There are two statements out of which as a policy-maker, one has to be chosen:

1. If you see someone doing wrong and let him do it, you have an equal share in the wrong and thus you must not let him do it.

2. Only the person who commits an act is the appropriate judge for his acts, and you are no one to decide his fate based on the morality of the act .

A democrat would mostly opt for the second, while choosing the first is associated with communist connotations. Just think what you opt for, as a citizen as well if you were a policy-maker.

Think and comment.



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Was just wondering, whether every form of laughter involves someone as the scapegoat, who maybe hurt if he/ she is in the scene?  We call it fun, but I am not sure we celebrate any moment without hurting someone else.



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Faking, trying to be someone else have been criticized for long. Not wrongly, I shall say.

However, try not to be fake and just yourself the frank side is met with comments about shamelessness and how some people say things straight on the face.

The demand to be politically correct in this world, where correctness has no respect has left me in a state of contradiction.


Ambitous Incentives

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I have seen many ambitous men in this world, wanting to achieve much in life. They dream of cars, bungalows, nice jobs and respect. They are ready to work hard to earn it.

But the funny part lies here. To work hard, they need incentives. Naturally the question I am left to ask is how strong is this ambition, which requires incentives.

Paradoxical Humans

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This Thursday, prior to my Humanities class, I boarded the bus from Karakoram Hostel while there was space enough, such that I could have a seat. At the next stoppage- Kumaon, the bus began brimming with students but still every last one who could even dangle from the handle, didn’t leave the opportunity.

The funny thing was, after the last ones rose (who were obviously uncomfortable) they started abusing the driver for stopping for the next ones, although the bus was full. When the driver left, I could see the students who couldn’t avail a seat abuse the driver. It was an interesting paradox.


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I know it’s fashionable nowadays to be a government cynic” -Barkha Dutt in her Hindustan Times column

The last time I had visited Barbeque Nation (a place in Chandigarh, with a buffet offering the best possible delicacies) it had costed Rs. 450 per plate. Approximately two months later, the same plate costed Rs. 666 per plate. I am sure this is not only the case of Barbeque Nation, but many other brands and shops. I also remember people silently spending the increase in the demands of the market without protesting.

However, recently the rates of Metro Railways were increased a few bucks per ticket. I found it funny to note, the public protests and the wave of disbelief that had crossed Delhi. I found the services of Metro good enough, whenever I had a ride.

I found it ironical to realize protests over Rs. 10 while people silently paid Rs. 200 more.


Will you change your path?

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Imagine a situation where some person makes you realize that the path of life, you have taken isn’t the correct one? He is not just preaching, but has struck the right cords and you have begun to believe this path wasn’t exactly what you always wanted.

So then, will you alter your path or keep moving on the same path believing life compelled you to take the path ?


What’s the Difference?

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After chatting with a few people, I found out that the only major breach of morals they considered was murder. ‘Petty’ crimes such as bribery, and even theft could often be justifiable. By bribery, you are snatching someone else’s deserving opportunity, while by murdering you are snatching someone’s life.

Surprisingly, I had put them at the same podium but as days pass on murder seems to be a pettier crime than bribery. Somehow I felt, if you have to screw someone why do it in instalments.

So are the crimes all equal, or can they be categorized into subjective opinion?


Survival of the Fittest

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The term originally when remarked by Darwin was related to evolution, and explained the behavior of animals.

A hundred years from then, I am accustomed to listening it from humans all the time about surviving in their race. So as we progress, are we evolving to animals ?

Think .


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Why is it that for every ‘minor’ act of treachery, deception and sordid (immoral) activities, I have to listen to the same justification- ‘Being practical, and Survival of the Fittest’ ?

So does survival mean, in the absence of being ‘practical’ life would be as hopeless as death? Where are the boundaries defined in being practical and losing ethics?


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